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17 October 2012


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Dev and admin teams struggle these days with keeping up with agile development. DevOps helps by breaking down some of the walls. But one of the biggest challenges is getting the entire development team involved and not just 1 or 2 people who help do deployments. The entire team needs visibility to the production server environments to help support and troubleshoot applications. I read a great blog post about this recently. DevOps

Alan Robertson

One of my hopes for this project is that by continually discovering lots of different aspects of the environment and expressing the relationships between all the different pieces that we can provide an up-to-date database for people to go to learn things about the environment. This is analogous to a CMDB - but much more detailed than is typical, and always up to date.

Switches, servers, services, client/server relationships, configuration parameters and so on will all wind up there. Thanks for the pointer to the article.

We already gather all these types of information - now we just need to provide an awesome interface for finding out what you want without getting overwhelmed.

As a note -- having the URL of the blog post you mentioned would be a good thing.

Alan R.

I'm planning on taking a good bit of time off to make the first Assimilation release available. I'd describe its current state as a well-established proof-of-concept. Hopefully in the time I have before the end of the year, I can make it into a release worth having others try out. Feel free to play with it as is.

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