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10 June 2008


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Hey Alan,
You're certainly right that it isn't smart to consolidate and then pray. However, if I were a military I'd rather defend a fortress then lots of individual towns.

Especially considering the qualities of service in System z and it's long history of virtualization there's a lot to be gained by reducing the multiplication effects distributed systems bring (i.e. 1 in 1000 is a lot when you've got 5000 servers).


Alan R.

Well, it's certainly important to not only watch the basket, but the better the basket you put it in the better your results will probably be. You certainly don't want your basket failing on your unnecessarily ;-). System z is certainly a good basket. Expensive, but good. I've never heard of anyone putting 1000 production machines on a system z in real life.

I would speculate that the full exploitation of virtual machines will bring more administrative explosion than distributed servers ever thought about - because they're so stinkin' cheap.

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