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28 September 2007


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Lars Marowsky-Bree

RHAT's Cluster Suite also supports the Xen migration feature.


>>Sadly, you can't migrate a crashed OS or an OS from a crashed server in this way. As a result, it doesn't help at all with unplanned outages.<<

Infact, VMware VMotion can (semi)transparently fail-over a virtual machine that is running on ServerA to SeverB if ServerA has an outage. This is true high availability.

Alan R.

What you said was nothing like what you replied to. You can _reboot_ a virtual machine, or restore it from a checkpoint. But, you cannot transparently migrate a machine which has died, since transparent migration (VMware's name: vmotion) requires active cooperation of the now-dead machine.

Anyone can reboot a virtual machine - that's no trick at all. And, restoring from a snapshot - that's not interesting for most enterprise computing cases.

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