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Long-time geek and founder of Assimilation and Linux-HA projects with interests in managing computers, particularly monitoring, discovery and availability.


Alan Robertson is a well-known and frequently-requested speaker and internationally-recognized expert on High-Availability, speaking several times per year at conferences across the world.

Alan founded the industry-leading High-Availability for Linux (Linux-HA) project where he has been an active developer, architect and project leader since about 1997. He maintains the Linux-HA project web site at, and has been a key developer for the open source heartbeat program.

Alan also jointly leads the Open Cluster Framework effort to define standard APIs for clustering, and provide an open source reference implementation of these APIs.

In the open source world, he worked for SuSE for a year, then joined IBM's Linux Technology Center in March 2001.

Before joining SuSE, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff for Bell Labs. He worked for Bell Labs 21 years in a variety of roles. These included developing telecommunication products, designing communication controllers and providing leading-edge computing support.

He obtained an MS in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University in 1978 and a BS in Electrical Engineering from OSU in 1976.